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Thing is, this small rat randomly attacked me and now all rats are hostile from the entrance, I killed. .

Aug 13, 2023 · You have the option to Attack the Rats or Bargain with Rats. My process left the rat pact open -- I didn't make one, but I didn't rule it out. Side activities in the Gauntlet of Shar. Aug 13, 2023 · You have the option to Attack the Rats or Bargain with Rats. This means that the opossum has a pouch that protects its babies Snap traps are effective tools for killing rats in the home.

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[1] The Gauntlet of Shar lay in an Underdark cave beneath the Thorm Mausoleum, which was located in northwest corner of the town of Reithwin. If you take the cragged rock way down, you will be attacked by rats, who seemingly come in endless numbers. Aug 13, 2023 · You have the option to Attack the Rats or Bargain with Rats.

You should not accept the Rat’s bargain in Baldur’s Gate 3. Protection is accomplished with. With some careful investigation, you can uncover their cursed reality. They divulge all sorts of information that. Bargain with Rats Treasure & Mirror of Loss The Thorm Mausoleum is actually just the entryway to a much larger dungeon, the Gauntlet of Shar, which is arguably the most significant dungeon in Act 2.

So I've managed to find but one guide and it says the first Obsidian Gem is in the first room of the gauntlet. Based on the little and vague information it seems you may have encountered some sort of bug. Move north using the traversal gem to enter the Gauntlet of Shar. ….

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One on the right side stairs. You will need to start your journey from the Gauntlet of Shar waypoint: First, go to Cragged Rock at coordinates X:-730, Y:-745.

So I encountered some rats in the gauntlet of Shar. I encountered them early in the Gauntlet of Shar, and killed 3 out of the 4 that try to ambush you with some alchemists fire. Not only do they carry diseases and cause damage to property, but they can also create a sense of unease and.

① Umbral Gems in Gauntlet of Shar. No lever in elevator - Gauntlet of Shar As the title says, there is no lever to make the elevator (being protected by the rats) go up and down on the elevator itself. You’ll need to complete the Thorm Mausoleum puzzle to gain entrance. A rat spawns hereafter along with a Justiciar. Aug 17, 2023 · Our BG3 Gauntlet of Shar guide will walk you through completing the Soft-Step, Self-Same, and Faith-Leap Trials along with other quests available below the Thorm Mausoleum. You'll collect the gems from the trials and from a devil — Raphael. On this page, you can find related information about the map, quests, enemies, notable items, and other useful tips about Gauntlet of Shar. Attack the Rats (Meet Lyrthindor) From the Gauntlet of Shar Waypoint, head in the north direction and go down the stairs. I killed them anyway and I saw a big rat running away with some smaller ones so I decided to follow them.